Workers Comp Injury Valuation – Lost Limbs – How Much is a Personal Injury Case Worth?

On the job injuries in New Jersey…

If you are injured on the job and lose a limb, it probably will qualify for workers’ compensation. How much you receive for your amputation injury depends upon the state in which the injury occurs. New Jersey pays workers’ compensation benefits at higher than average rate for some lost limbs, but less for others.

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The amount that you are paid will depend upon the schedule of disabilities. This details the maximum award for each limb. This is a calculation based upon the limb that was lost, as well as the amount of disability that stems from the lost limb.

For instance, if you lose a finger but can still do most of your job duties, you will receive less workers’ compensation than if your loss severely limited your ability to continue working.

In this state, the highest amount you are able to receive for the amputation of a leg is actually higher than the US average. You also may receive more than the US average for other losses as well:

The disparity between states on payments for lost limbs is a grim illustration of the lottery nature of compensation for job injuries in the US. Congress authorizes each state to determine benefits for the loss of a limb. There are no federal minimums. So, workers who reside across state lines from one another can receive very different financial awards for the very same injury.

Generally, employers pay the lowest rates for workers’ compensation today than at any time in the last 35 years. Still, many state legislatures have changed their laws and are paying less for limbs lost at work.

If you have suffered this type of accident, you will need an aggressive, experienced attorney to represent you.

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