When To Hire A Car Accident Attorney

When To Hire A Car Accident Attorney

You may not have to hire an attorney to handle your car accident if the accident was a minor fender bender. However, you may have a problem determining whether your case is minor enough for you to handle without any legal assistance. An experienced car accident attorney can review your case and help you decide whether you need to file a lawsuit or simply file a claim. The other driver and that driver’s insurer do not care about your interests, but a lawyer can protect your rights.


You Need To Talk To A Lawyer After Your Car Accident

Even if your accident is a minor fender bender where no one gets hurt, you will need a lawyer if the other driver is disputing fault. In this situation, the only way you will get the compensation you deserve is to prove that the other driver was at-fault. An experienced attorney can use available resources and expertise to gather the evidence needed. You also need legal help if you get severe or life-threatening injuries in the car accident. 

Since severe injuries are likely to result in higher compensation amounts, an insurance company may try every tactic they know to avoid paying you the maximum amount you deserve. A skilled lawyer with years of experience can hire medical and financial experts to prove your injuries and calculate future damages accurately. Only talk to adjusters if your lawyer is present so that you can avoid saying things that can hurt your case. Adjusters do not care about your situation because their main goal is to persuade you to accept a smaller amount than you deserve.

Damages To Include In Your Claim

When To Hire A Car Accident AttorneyA significant number of people cannot accurately calculate what their claim is worth after a car accident. They may remember to including medical treatment in their claim but may forget they can get compensation for pain and suffering. A car accident attorney can review your case thoroughly and include all the damages resulting from your accident in your claim. Your attorney will also gather evidence and use that evidence to maximize the value of all your damages.

Types Of Car Crashes

You need a car accident attorney that has experience dealing with a variety of car accident cases. The following are some of the common types of car crashes:

  • Head-on collisions: This type of car accident occurs when the front ends of two vehicles collide. Injuries that occur in these types of accidents are often serious and sometimes fatal.
  • Rollover accidents: Vehicles such as SUVs and other trailer cars that tend to tip onto their side or their roof are prone to such accidents.
  • Single-vehicle crashes:  Accidents where only your car is involved. For example, a situation where a car crashes into an electrical pole or fire hydrant.
  • Single-impact crashes: Such as broadside or T-bone accidents that occur when one car hits the side of another car.
  • Multi-vehicle crash: This is when more than two vehicles are involved in an accident. It is often called a pileup. 
  • Commercial vehicle accident: Accidents involving large vehicles such as trucks. 

Your car accident attorney is proficient at gathering evidence and creating an action plan to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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