Underinsured Motorist Coverage…Claims, Pain & Suffering

If you are hurt in a New Jersey car accident, you want to know: Who is responsible to compensate you for your pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost income?
If the person who caused the accident has liability insurance, he or she may be responsible for covering the various costs of your injuries. However, some drivers do not carry liability insurance. This can put the injured party in a tough position.

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Understanding Under-insured Motorists Claims

This situation is more common in New Jersey than you might think. Recent surveys indicate that there are at least 600,000 uninsured drivers in New Jersey. People who are hurt by an uninsured driver must use the uninsured motorist or UM benefits of their own or other applicable insurance policy to be compensated for their injuries, such as pain and suffering and lost wages.

Sometimes the at-fault, uninsured driver will have an insurance card they give to the police. But it is not until later that it is found that that insurance policy is possibly lapsed or otherwise not in effect.

In this case, the primary policy for uninsured motorist benefits is the injured party’s auto insurance policy, or that of a relative who live in New Jersey. Otherwise, the owner of the vehicle that you were driving when injured would probably need to provide the uninsured motorist benefits.

In these complicated circumstances, you really need the services of an experienced attorney, who know’s New Jersey’s uninsured motorist law. You should never be fooled by the customer service representative you speak with at your auto insurance company. That person is not really interested in your interests. That adjuster represents your insurance company.

Underinsured vs. Uninsured Motorists Coverage

Once it is known that you are seeking compensation for UM benefits through your insurance policy, you will be treated as if you were the person who caused the crash.

You are no longer really their customer in that sense. No matter how long you have been with that insurance provider, the claims adjuster will attempt to give you as little money as possible for your injuries.

Typically, the insurer will conduct a comprehensive investigation that will require you to have phone calls recorded, giving statements under oath, and more.

Also, know that you may have been injured by a person with a Special Auto Policy, also known as SAIP. This policy is written for those who are on Medicaid. These policies feature no liability coverage at all. This puts you at elevated risk if you are injured by a driver with a SAIP policy.

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To best safeguard your rights when hurt by an uninsured driver, we strongly recommend that you retain the services of an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney. Do not speak to the insurance claims adjuster alone!

Your insurance company and its attorneys will be working to minimize the fiscal impact of your UM claim. Our attorneys are experienced in all types of New Jersey automobile accident claims. Please call us today for a no-obligation consultation about your uninsured motorist claim.

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