Personal Injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a package of insurance benefits which include medical expense benefits, income continuation benefits, essential service benefits, funeral benefits and death benefits. The extent of such benefits is determined in part by New Jersey law, and in part by the coverage limits of the policy that you purchased or the policy providing benefits to you. You must notify and file an Application for Benefits with your insurance company in order to begin receiving benefits.

The Khorozian Law Group will help secure payment of disputed medical bills after a car accident through PIP arbitration. Insurers have a propensity to let personal injury protection bills go unpaid for long periods of time following a car accident, despite the requirements for payment contained in auto insurance policies. PIP arbitration is a process to compel the insurance companies to provide necessary medical care and/or to urge the payment of medical bills. We can help the patient or the medical provider get reimbursement for services rendered.

Experience gained in the defense of thousands of PIP and No-Fault cases allows The Khorozian Law Group to provide clients with a case management workflow system that is designed to distinguish between fraudulent and legitimate claims. Our adherence to client-designated litigation guidelines proficiently moves a claim file from initial receipt through disposition by dismissal, summary judgment, or trial.

Call The Khorozian Law Group today for a free consultation and start getting the compensation you are entitled to after an accident. Let our specialized knowledge base of today’s complex PIP world, such as AMA coding principles, the use of NCCI edits, and New Jersey’s extensive and increasingly complex framework of PIP regulations and statutes work for you while you work on getting healthy. (201) 944-9200.

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