Personal Injury: Pedestrian Accidents

pedestrian accidentPedestrian accidents can be caused by a variety of vehicles i.e. cars, motorcycles, bicycles, busses, and other modes of transportation. Being injured in an accident could also be the fault of the placement of a cross-walk and not just the driver of a vehicle. After experiencing a pedestrian injury, one must be ready to file a claim in order to gain their compensation for recovery. There is a small window of time in filing these claims or filing for ultimate litigation so a consultation should be requested quickly following an accident.

While dealing with recovery, understanding the amount of compensation you need could be a confusing process. The Khorozian Law Group’s expertise will examine all factors of the accident and the reasons that caused it. They will be able to determine if there was a lack in duty over the safety and structure of the street. Drivers are not only the only ones that are subject to prosecution, engineering companies and government agencies can also be held responsible. The Khorozian Law Group will make sure that all causes of the accident are identified and anyone responsible is held accountable.

Causes of Personal Injury:
Accidents of this nature are more likely to occur:

  • When a pedestrian is in a crosswalk;
  • If there are faults in the crosswalks or crosswalk designs;
  • During pedestrian work;
  • When a pedestrian is working on a vehicle;
  • Going to or leaving a vehicle;
  • Standing still;
  • Walking, jogging, or any other kind of mobility on the streets.
  • If those driving vehicles do not yield for pedestrians;
  • If crosswalks or roads disregard streams of traffic;
  • When drivers do not look both ways at intersections;
  • While a pedestrian is pushing a vehicle;
  • When speed limits are not followed; and
  • Other driving violations such as texting and driving/abusing alcohol or drugs, etc.

Pedestrian accidents can lead to a wide variety of injuries sometimes serious enough to lead to the inability to work. Lacerations, bruises, head injuries, orthopedic injuries, spinal injuries, and other harms could be a result of pedestrian accidents. If you are in this situation, it is highly advisable to make a claim as soon as possible so litigation and justice can follow.

The Khorozian Law Group will examine each person’s individual case to determine the ultimate cause(s) of the accident and hold whoever responsible accountable. It is vital to report the accident as soon as possible so every piece of evidence remains able to examine. Compensation for injury and losses can be provided to pay for necessary medical expenses and other grievances. Contact the Khorozian Law Group for a free consultation: (201)-944-9200.

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