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Any employee should not have to be unwillingly subject to dangerous or unsafe conditions at their place of work. An injury sustained at a work place can lead not only to pain and suffering but the financial burden of missing work and lost wages.

New Jersey Workers Comp Lawyer

As stated by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, the law “requires that all New Jersey employers, not covered by Federal programs, have workers’ compensation coverage or be approved for self-insurance.”

On The Job Injuries New Jersey

This no-fault insurance allows one to receive compensation for their injury regardless of whom or what is responsible for the accident or illness. Negligence of the victim is not an issue as an injured employee is permitted to recover benefits regardless of who was at fault for the accident. Note, you forfeit your right to sue your employer for additional damages, unless your employer exhibited grievous negligence. The filing a workers’ compensation claim is not a lawsuit against the employer, but rather it is similar to filing an insurance claim. It is ultimately a request for benefits that are due when an injury/accident takes place at work.

When an individual sustains an injury or disease in the work-place, the employer must be notified and action must be taken immediately. Delaying to report a work-related sickness or injury may cause issues in filing a claim as one’s employer is obliged to file within a specific time slot. If an injured employee fails to make a claim within the allotted period of time, then the injured employee may be disqualified from recovery because of the statute of limitation and notice requirements.

Workers Compensation NJ – Rates

Workers’ compensation covers injuries that arise during the course of employment. Some of the most common on-the-job injuries that workers’ compensation benefits provide for include but are not limited to:

New Jersey Workers Compensation Settlements

Medical and disability benefits that one has been entitled to are paid in amounts according to a state-approved formula. The Khorozian Law Group will aid those who have suffered from work-related injury or disease in exercising their rights for proper compensation. We have many years of experience in protecting the rights of injured workers in areas including but not limited to:

Through years of experience and proven results, the Khorozian Law Group can ensure that our clients get the compensation they deserve while they can focus on their recovery. From the initial filing of a worker’s compensation claim to the final settlement, the Khorozian Law Group will work tirelessly to get our clients the benefits our clients are entitled to. Contact the Khorozian Law Group today for a free consultation and learn how we can help.

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