Purchase and Sale of Real Property

We recognize that the New Jersey real estate market is full of investment opportunities for some while others are struggling with a distressed property. We represent both clients who are looking to take advantage of attractive mortgage rates and relatively low prices to invest in a new home or commercial property as well as New Jersey property owners who are seeking solutions for dealing with real estate that has dropped in value or that they can no longer afford due to an unforeseen event, such as the loss of a job. In either instance, our approach centers around the client, focusing on the best and most cost effective solution to their problem.

For most families and many businesses, purchasing real estate is the single biggest investment decision they make. The Khorozian Law Group works to ensure that both sides to the transaction get what they bargained for. We will review and negotiate purchase and sale agreements to build contingencies that account for potential risks our clients may incur, properly allocate fees and costs, review title and assist with the closing to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. Even basic real estate transactions involve potentially complicated contractual issues.

Khorozian Law Group, L.L.C. has been serving the diverse and complex needs of their clients effectively and efficiently across borders, jurisdictions and practice areas while drawing upon expertise in various areas of the law. Khorozian Law Group is able to assist with a real estate transaction from the pre-purchase phase of financing and business formation through the post-purchase phase of land use planning/development, condominium conversions . Condo conversions are a way to maximize the value of a building by subdividing the building into separate, taxable, and mortgageable units that can be sold. The process of converting a rental building into a condominium building depends on if there are less than 10 units to convert, whether tenants are in possession of the units and the whether or not the building needs to be changed and requires zoning approval. Depending on the size of the conversion you will need a registered professional engineer, a registered architect, a building maintenance company, an insurance company to insure the units and the association, and a title company. All these entities work with the attorney on creating the public offering statement, and the master deed.

The Khorozian Law Group has years of experience and attention to detail to every deal, no matter how large or small. The goal is to close your real estate transaction as you planned while protecting against problems that may arise in the future.

In addition to being an attorney, Linda Khorozian, a real-estate broker with Nouveau Realty, and therefore, has an immense advantage in real estate transactions. Moreover, the Khorozian Law Group has long standing and well established relationship with all local broker, mortgage lenders and titles companies, which as a result allow the firm to provide the best and most efficient and competent representation of our clients. Whether this is a first home, new construction or a refinancing, our attorneys and staff stands ready to negotiate and provide the best possible representation to all of our clients.

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For some answers to common real estate transactions, see our Real estate FAQs.

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