New Jersey Insurance Adjuster Secrets

Dealing With Insurance Adjusters Car Accident

People that are injured in car accidents or their property gets damaged because of the negligent actions of another party can file claims with that party’s insurance provider. An adjuster from that insurance provider will investigate that claim and settle the claim within certain limitations. Drivers are required to carry a certain amount of insurance to pay for damages in case they cause an accident. You can also choose to pay for greater coverage for situations where a driver that causes your accident is underinsured or uninsured. You should speak to an experienced car accident attorney before you file a claim after an accident.

Insurance Adjusters Don’t Care About You

New Jersey Insurance Adjuster SecretsRemember that the adjuster assigned to you by the at-fault party’s insurer is only working for that insurer’s best interests. This is also true for adjusters from your own insurance provider. The interest of most insurance companies is to pay claimants as little as possible or deny the claims altogether so as to make more profits. That means that the adjuster will try to make you settle for less than you deserve or try to find evidence that the insurer can use to deny your claim. So be very skeptical when an adjuster says they want to help you, and do not agree to make recorded or written statements. 

These adjusters are often assigned to possible claimants immediately after an accident because they want to settle the claims quickly. They want to come to you when you are still confused and unaware of all the damages you suffered in the accident. Settling before you get medical treatment is risky because once you settle you cannot sue the at-fault driver for additional damages. You cannot sue for further damages after settling even when you realize you have a permanent disability.

Recorded Statements

Insurance adjusters will definitely not tell you that anything you say when making a recorded statement will be used against you. Just saying that you did laundry in a recorded statement after you got an injury, can lead to the insurance company indicating that you are not really injured or your injury is not that bad. Your attorney can advise you on what to say if you decide to give a recorded statement. The good news is that you don’t have to give a recorded statement.

You Need A Lawyer

Insurance companies will try to delay, deny and use other tricks to avoid paying you what you deserve. Adjusters may even try to convince you that you do not need a lawyer. But adjusters are not on your side and that means that you will need someone that will fight aggressively for your interests. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows all the tactics insurance companies use and is much better placed to negotiate on your behalf. Your lawyer can also represent you in court if the insurance company denies your claim and the case goes to trial. However, most insurance companies prefer to settle cases out of court because it is more affordable and time saving.

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