New Jersey Distracted Driving Law – Texting & Driving Laws

Distracted driving is very dangerous and more prevalent than ever before. With all of the distractions in modern life today, it is no surprise that so many distracted driving accidents occur every year.

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You probably think that other drivers are at least somewhat distracted when using either a cell phone or hands-free device to talk and text while driving.

It’s not surprise that distracted driving leads to many deaths and injuries.  It also has been estimated that distracted driving has been a major contributing factor to 817,000 motor vehicle crashes in the state between 2010-2014.

Please: Do not ever engage in any type of distracted driving. The consequences of this dangerous action can be devastating.

New Enforcement in Effect

New Jersey’s new distracted driving law has enacted tough fines for people caught in the act.

According to the state’s website, all driver distractions are dangerous to the driver, passenger, and any bystanders. Distractions that can lead to a big ticket and other punishments include:

  • Texting and driving
  • Using a cell or smart phone while driving
  • Eating and drinking while driving
  • Grooming, including putting on makeup or combing/brushing hair
  • Reading; this includes using maps
  • Using a GPS system
  • Watching videos
  • Adjusting the radio or CD player

Consequences & Penalties of Distracted Driving

Text messaging requires drivers to use manual, visual and cognitive attention, and is the most dangerous distraction. That is why the first offense will cost the driver at least $200, and up to $400. This does not include court costs. A second distracted driving offense in the state will run the driver $400 to $600.

The state also has established an aggressive driving hotline. It is known as #77. This is a dangerous driving number that drivers can call to report dangerous, distracted or reckless driving. If your vehicle is reported on this hotline, you could receive a ticket, and will definitely receive a warning letter in the mail.

There are many consequences of distracted driving besides legal costs. If you injure or kill another party, you can be sued in civil court for damages. These lawsuits can have settlements or judgments from tens of thousands of dollars, into the millions for serious injury or death. This is in addition to prison time that you may receive for seriously injuring or killing another person while driving distracted.

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