One of the most frustrating aspects a business must face is insufficient collections from customers. When creating an account receivable sale, the full amount is expected to be paid in the time it is due. For businesses, your time should be spent on growing your business, not on chasing the customers who ignore your invoices.

Every file received at our office is fully investigated and we make every effort to resolve the matter through direct correspondence with the debtor or through alternative dispute resolution before resorting to filing a Complaint in the Superior Court. Also, because of our high professional standards in handling your collection matters, many of our business clients find that they can renew their business relationship with the debtor once the collection matter has been resolved.

If it is necessary to file suit, the Khorozian Law Group will be aggressive and the Khorozian Law Group will provide you with the services needed to handle the manner in a timely and productive manner.

During these difficult economic times, a business cannot risk losing money in any sense. Call today for a free consultation at (201)-944-9203.

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