Business Litigation

Within any business, large or small, encountering a disagreement between shareholders or employees is sometimes unavoidable. When a conflict arises, methods of reaching a settlement without even having to file a lawsuit can be achieved with the legal advice of the Khorozian Law Group. Business Litigation consists of any dispute that a business owner may face including but not limited to:

  • nj business litigation attorneys at workEnforcing and terminating contracts;
  • Severance and other benefits;
  • Employee termination and discrimination matters;
  • Leasing issues;
  • Claims regarding interference with business relations;
  • Contractual issues with service providers, vendors, etc.;
  • Collections;
  • Defending property interests; and
  • Enforcing the rights of owners against other owners in directing the course of a business or terminating a business

The Khorozian Law Group has years of experience developing winning strategies for corporations. The Khorozian Law Group will thoroughly examine any dispute and will determine the underlying issues that are presented in order to reach a mutually beneficial resolution. Throughout each of our cases, we always have the best interest of the business in mind. Also when representing a business client, we strive to think like business owners.

We recognize that time and money are crucial in deciding how to proceed. We urge our clients to meet with us before making key business decisions such as creating a standard form contract, entering into a lease, or hiring a key employee. By highlighting language that may be unclear, identifying possible future areas of disagreement, and assisting the business client in clarifying the consequences of a decision, a lawsuit may be avoided altogether.

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