Car Accident Lawsuits

Car Accident Lawsuit Going To Trial

Car accidents can happen to anyone including people who are cautious drivers. Most people that find themselves in car accidents are never ready for the financial pressures, pain and frustration that result from accidents. While some people only have to deal with a minor, there are countless others that suffer serious injuries and severe property damage in car accidents. People who cause these serious car accidents should be held accountable. You can file a claim with insurance companies if you have been injured or your property is damaged in a car accident. A dedicated and knowledgeable car accident lawyer can help you take all the necessary legal steps if your case goes to trial. 

When To Go To Trial

Car Accident LawsuitsA majority of car accident insurance claims are settled out of court, but about 5 percent of claims are settled at trial. The reason why you might end up going to trial is that insurance companies sometimes seem to act in bad faith. Generally dealing with insurance companies is not easy because their main interest is making profits not helping people. You may need to go to court if the insurance company does not agree on who was actually at fault in your accident, or when you are not satisfied with the amount of compensation the insurer offers you. 

Insurance companies are likely to blame you for the accident when in fact you believe you are innocent. The only way to determine the at-fault party in these circumstances is for the case to go to trial. Your car accident lawyer can present evidence in court to prove that the other driver was at-fault. The court may find you partly responsible for the accident and as a result your compensation amount may be reduced. If the other party is found to be fully at-fault for the accident, you may get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. 

What Happens At Trial?

A court process is normally more complicated compared to out-of-court negotiations with insurance companies. But this should not discourage you from taking the trial route when an insurer either denies you compensation or makes a low ball offer. There will be a randomly selected jury at the trial and each side involved will be allowed to present their arguments. Your car accident lawyer will argue on your behalf and present evidence that may increase the chances of you winning the case. Evidence can come in the form of medical documents and other documents, and also testimony from witnesses, doctors, accident reconstruction experts, video footage, and more. The defendant in your case can also present evidence and share their version of events.

Once both sides have presented closing arguments, the jury will go to another room for deliberations. They will then share their verdict with the judge. The judge will then make the final decision and communicate it to you and your lawyer. The final decision can favor you or the defense side.  If you win the case, you can collect compensation for your injuries. You will have the opportunity to appeal if you lose the case.

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