Buying versus Renting

Ever feel like you are throwing away money when you rent real estate?  Read this article to help you decide if you should buy or rent real estate.

Small Claims and Litigation

Trying to get money owed to you can be rather difficult; perhaps you are a landlord dealing with an evicted client and are trying to get past rent due. These types of issues do not necessarily require involving the court, but if the person you are seeking compensation from is not responding to your advances, you might be compelled to request legal assistance in order to get what you are … Read More

Protect Your Future

With a Power of Attorney An important part of lifetime planning includes the Power of Attorney (POA). At some point in your life, you or a loved one, be it illness, old age, or an accident, may be left unable to manage finances or choose medical treatment. While no one likes to think about the unfortunate possibility, it is best to be prepared for when the time comes. POA can … Read More

Don’t Wait, Create Your Estate Plan Now!

Estate plans are not just for the wealthy or the elderly; everyone should have one. An estate plan is the process of making arrangements in advance by designating how your estate will be allocated after you die. Your estate is your net worth; it’s the sum of all your assets – property, bank accounts, and legal rights, minus any liabilities you owe –such as debt and mortgages. Having a plan … Read More

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