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The Khorozian Law Group represents injured people throughout New Jersey and New York in a variety of personal injury cases including but not limited to:

Through years of experience, The Khorozian Law Group has aided individuals in gaining compensation for recovery for those who have experienced personal injury. The physical and financial burdens that follow injuries of any kind can be very difficult to handle. Expensive medical treatments and time off from work can seriously affect one’s ability to provide for themselves and/or their family. Fortunately, laws that exist in New Jersey to protect those who suffer an injury caused by another’s negligence. The Khorozian Law Group can help one who has suffered an injury to navigate through the process of receiving reimbursement.

The Right to Compensation

In order to recover compensation after an accident an injured party needs to establish the following:

  • The Defendant(s) owed a duty of care;
  • The duty of care owed was breached;
  • The breach of the duty of care directly led to an injury; and
  • The injury part has compensable damages.


For most personal injury claims, you may be able to receive compensation for:

  • Past and future medical costs;
  • Lost income if your injury causes you to miss work or limits your earning potential;
  • Pain and suffering; and
  • Out of pocket expenses.

If you are making a wrongful death claim for a deceased family member, additional damages may be available for your loss, including compensation for the loss of companionship of your loved one.

Gaining a fair settlement out of an insurance company can be a complex and taxing process, especially during recovery. Insurance companies may employ various tactics designed to minimize an injured person’s payout. The Khorozian Law Group does not settle for anything less than what the client deserves. The Khorozian Law Group will be help you with your claim from beginning to the end. We even work with you, the doctors and the insurance companies to assist in processing all of your medical bills. Our attorneys have the client’s best interests in mind as we negotiate for their maximum possible compensation. Note that New Jersey law generally imposes a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims. Therefore, an appointment to consult with Khorozian Law Group should be made as soon as one can. Contact Khorozian Law Group to schedule a complimentary consultation. If your injuries prevent you from coming to our office, we can visit and service you directly at your home or hospital.

Note the attorneys only get paid if you get paid.

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