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Linda Khorozian is licensed to practice law in New Jersey and New York, and she is also a licensed real estate broker. The Khorozian Law Group, LLC handles real estate matter extending to: the purchase and sale of real property, real estate zoning and land use, as well as complex litigation involving real estate disputes.

Real Estate Litigation in New Jersey

Our office helps clients resolve real estate controversies which can sometimes include:

  • landlord-tenant disputes
  • homeowner’s association litigation
  • actions to quiet title
  • litigation relating to the actions of real estate agents, brokers, and other fiduciaries
  • construction litigation
  • property management disputes, and
  • disputes commonly arising over the acquisition and development of real property, including contract disputes.

Buying and Selling NJ Real Estate

Many of our clients, both business and personal, will find that purchasing NJ real estate is one of the largest investment decisions they will make. We commonly review and negotiate purchase and sale agreements to ensure that our client’s interests have been protected as much as legally possible.

Our extensive real estate experience allows us to build contingencies that account for potential risks our clients may incur, properly allocate fees and costs, review title and assist with the closing to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly.

Zoning and Land Use

There are many State and local governmental regulations that must be observed in the real estate sector. The Khorozian Law Group focuses on all phases of land use approvals at all governmental levels.

We guide our clients through the New Jersey land use, planning and zoning processes, and provide expert legal guidance through the financing, expert selection, application and board hearing stages of the land use process.

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